Learn more about Dr. Mary Kathleen Figaro's platform and how these issues affect everyday Iowans.

Dr. Figaro and her family stand in front of a building on a farm

As a mother and former educator, Dr. Figaro knows firsthand the challenges that Iowa families and school districts face. She wants to give kids the best chance at success with robust funding for schools, educators, parental support and community and school-based programming.


A person's wages and benefits affect more than just the car they drive or the phone they use. Pay can dictate our opportunities for good health, economic stability, relationships and much more. Dr. Figaro believes in helping Iowa workers get paid fairly for a job well-done.

Workers talking on a job site
Dr. Figaro explaining medication to a patient


Too many Iowans don't have control over their access to healthcare. As a doctor, Mary Kathleen Figaro knows all too well how restrictive policies and practices can leave patients with poor care or astounding levels of debt. She plans to help Iowa residents get access to high-quality, affordable care.


Everyone deserves to breathe clean air and drink water without worrying about lead or plastic entering their bloodstreams. Unfortunately, Iowa doesn't always offer that peace of mind. Dr. Figaro is dedicated to creating a healthier, cleaner Iowa that future generations can be proud of.

Close-up of wind turbines over a farm