Hi, I'm Dr. Mary Kathleen Figaro



  • A wife who has been married to her husband for 18 happy years

  • A daughter of two hard-working parents who taught her the value of dedication and community

  • A doctor who studied at Princeton,  Yale Medical School and Cornell for a masters in epidemiology and has been practicing for over 26 years

  • A mother who raised her two wonderful children in our thriving Quad Cities community

  • An educator who taught at Vanderbilt University while conducting research and is currently an adjunct professor at St. Ambrose

  • A small business owner who runs her own practice in Bettendorf, treating patients with hormone-related conditions

  • A woman of faith who attends St. John's United Methodist church and sings in the choir and in solos and teaches Sunday School 

While taking on these roles, Dr. Figaro has seen firsthand the issues that impact Iowa citizens and is working relentlessly to make a difference for everyone. She listens to her patients and their concerns and makes plans for change — she'll do the same for you.​

I want you to be able to save money, send your kids to college AND save for retirement. Inflation is definitely a huge issue — and one of the main reasons I'm running. We need a senator who will protect our money, not keep voting to raise taxes and fees. I want to cut taxes for middle and working class families, not raise them.


Dr. Figaro Believes...

All Iowans deserve access to affordable, high-quality healthcare, including mothers and those with mental health needs.

Health decisions should fall to patients and their doctors, not legislators or insurance companies.

Well-funded schools and communities give children the best chance at success.

Hard-working Iowans deserve competitive wages and economic stability.

Investments in rural high-speed internet can greatly expand educational and vocational opportunities.

Iowans deserve clean water, clean air and sustainable policies that serve generations to come.

Our elected officials need to lead with integrity and character.

Dr. Mary Kathleen Figaro also believes in the power of local government. She'll be on call for you, working tirelessly to help every member of Iowa Senate District 47 thrive.